We are 44 professionals, divided into Mobilization, Technology and Institutional Development units

Meet our crew

We’re a team composed of 70% women, 61% black people, 5% indigenous people and 53% LGBT+ people. Our council is consultative and comprises six people, elected for four-year mandates. 

Here, we prize a plural, collaborative, transparent and democratic organizational culture. We value the diversity of trajectories and perspectives and ensure the health and professional development of our staff.

Áurea Carolina

Executive director

Romulo Silva

Director of institutional strategy / Deputy-director

Talita Novacoski

Intelligence and technology director

Carol Abreu

Director of institutional development

Daniela Orofino

Amazônia de Pé Director

Roberto Andrés

Campaigns strategist

Aimee Valfogo

Operations intern

Alice Almeida

Minha Manaus Mobilizer

André Kato

Community manager

Bárbara Gomes

Data analyst

Carolina Borges

Amazônia de Pé articulator

Catarina Nefetari

Amazônia de Pé communication manager

Clareana Cunha

Minha Sampa Mobilizer

Danielle Assis

Socio environmental campaigns coordinator at Amazônia de Pé

Gabrielly Santana

Amazônia de Pé articulator

Gisela Duarte

Amazônia de Pé Manager

Helena Ramos

Amazônia de Pé Production and Culture Manager

Jerlan Alves

City Manager

Jordana Leijoto

UX Designer

Kaianaku Kamaiura

Amazônia de Pé Articulator

Karina Penha

Amazônia de Pé Mobilization Manager

Larissa Nascimento

Amazônia de Pé Producer

Laura Suprani

Meu Rio Mobilizer

Leilane Domitila

Amazônia de Pé Articulator

Lucas Louback

Advocacy Manager

Luciana Travassos

Mobilization Coordinator

Maira Baracho

Training Management

Malu de Almeida

Minha BH Mobilizer

Maria Alice Queiroz


Mário Sérgio


Marlon Sousa

Project Coordinator

Mel Angeoles

Minha Manaus Mobilizer

Miguel Soares


Paulo Ricardo

Amazônia de Pé Communities Analyst

Raphaela Mathias

Operations Analyst

Raquel Ribeiro

Meu Rio Mobilizer

Renata Ilha

Amazônia de Pé Strategy and Partnerships Manager

Sarah Soares

Data Engineer

Sarah Vitoria

Operations manager

Tayane Pontes

Operations Core Coordinator

Warley Bombi

Project coordinator

Ana Carolina Evangelista

ISER Director and president of NOSSAS Advisory Board

Ana Paula Lisboa

Casa Rede Founder and O Globo newspaper Columnist

Branca Vianna

Rádio Novelo Founder and President

Enrica Duncan

Mapa do Acolhimento Director

Semayat Oliveira

Nós, mulheres da periferia Co-founder

Alessandra Orofino

Co-founder of NOSSAS

Miguel Lago

NOSSAS Co-Founder

Affirmative Policy

We’re an organization committed to justice and equity and we’ve been working so that this also reflects internally. Since our crew composition doesn’t yet represent the country’s diversity adequately, we prioritize, in our candidate selective processes, non-white (black, brown and indigenous) people and residents of the outskirts in Brazil.


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