Rede Nossas Cidades

Rede Nossas Cidades is an autonomous and independent network for mobilization and incidence in the local public policies. The coordination was born in 2014, when Meu Rio won a notice to replicate its acting model in other cities in Brazil. 

In Programa de Fundadores first edition, young people from Recife, São Paulo, Campinas, Blumenau, Porto Alegre and Garopaba got together to exchange technologies, tactics and mobilization methodologies. 

Over the last years, five other cities came together in this endeavor: João Pessoa, Campina Grande, Igarassu, Manaus and Belo Horizonte. The expansion continues strong in different models and formats, always reaping the rewards of collective action and mobilization in these cities and territories. 

Today, Meu Recipe, Minha Jampa, Minha Porto Alegre and Minha Campinas work in an independent and voluntary way and benefit from their own source of funding, but share the technologies and methodologies with NOSSAS. On the other hand, Meu Rio, Minha Sampa, Minha BH and Minha Manaus are incubated by NOSSAS and receive direct funding from the organization.


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