Learn more about how we develop civic technologies and use data intelligence to expand our impact. 

For more than 10 years, we experiment and develop social technologies to turn Brazil and Latin America into fairer, more inclusive and democratic places. Since very early on, we’ve seen technology as a way to make mobilization, and we’ve developed tools to pressure decision makers in an efficient way, to strengthen our causes and to defend democracy.

That's how tools emerged, like Beta, the first Facebook feminist chatbot; Defezap, a defense system against state violence via WhatsApp; BONDE, an activism platform shared by over 50 Latin American organizations, among many others. Below, we tell a little bit more about each one of them.

Brazil’s technopolitic ecosystem is powerful, whether in civil society, in academia, or in the free software community, we keep learning and contributing to the formation of new tributaries to create digital infrastructures that promote equity, care and justice. 

Over the last years, we’ve developed many tools that allow, amongst other actions: 

A Eleição do Ano

Eleição do Ano platform boosted Child Services candidatures committed to ECA and stimulated  popular participation in the choice process. 

Mapa do Acolhimento

Mapa do Acolhimento platform connects women that suffer from gender-based violence to voluntary psychologists and lawyers in a matter of minutes. 


Made by activists for activists, BONDE assembled tools to pressure decision makers, raise resources, create personalized campaign websites and take the causes to the streets. 


Facebook’s first feminist robot, Beta was developed to keep up with bill projects regarding women’s rights and to warn when there’s a smell of regression in the air. 


Defezap is a pioneer report system against the State violence in Rio de Janeiro, directly on WhatsApp, ensuring the confidentiality of the victim.

Panela de pressão

Our first technology in service of popular participation: with Panela de Pressão (pressure cooker), any person could put together their own campaign, in a few clicks.  


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