Meet our training and formative processes

We bet on the power of the collective. Therefore, we foster communities mobilized around causes and territories, through sharing methodologies and tools of political action. Here you can learn more about some of the formative processes that we’ve already done. Every time there are new formation and training opportunities, we share them in our social media!

Periferia que Fala

A development program for peripheral content creators, with the intention to strengthen communication in the outskirts and to amplify the reach of the narratives in defense of democracy

Geração que Move

Urban mobility and mobilization education program for teens and young adults. By its end, 91 people went through the formation, which took place in 2022 in a partnership between NOSSAS and UNICEF.


Formative circle for groups of people grieving over Covid 19, seeking to amplify the capacity of political incidence for reparation and justice for the bad pandemic management in Brazil. 

Creators pelo Clima

Our first formative program to boost young content creators’ careers directed to the communication of the climate agenda and socio environmental justice. 

Programa de Mobilizadores

Carried out in various editions, the program promoted training cycles in mobilizations, campaign communication and civic technologies for activists all over Brazil. 

Programa de jovens mobilizadoras

Formative program for High School female students. In the last edition, carried out in partnership with Girl Up!, we offered formation for 100 young girls about the topic of menstrual poverty. 


Climate activism program that offered mobilization training for young leaderships with significant track records in the socio environmental area for Brazil.